Installing an app into the emulator

Mark Read

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Being a newbie in B4A I came across the problem of wanting to install a file explorer (eg. ES File Explorer) into my emulator. Searching the internet gave me the solution but only partly.

In case anyone else needs to know.

1. Download the app file (somename.apk).
3. Find your Android directory ( Mine is c:\programme\android)
4. In the sub directory \platform-tools, there should be a file "adb.exe". If not search for it. This file used to be in \tools!
5. Copy the app (somename.apk) into this directory (I found this easier).
6. Open a command window Start -> Run -> type cmd and press enter
7. Change to the sub directory where the adb.exe and apk file are (for me this means "cd c:\programme\android\platform-tools"
8 Type the command: adb install somename.apk <enter>

Depending on the file size, this may take a few minutes. If correct, the word success will show. Now the app is installed.

9. The app file (somename.apk) can be deleted if wished.

Moving data files to and from PC/Emulator can be done with the Dalvik Debug Monitor (Beginners Guide Chapter 6.4)

Hope this helps my fellow newbies.