iOS Question Installing b4i-bridge on iPhone(ios v7.1.2)


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Hi Folks,

I have installed the b4i-bridge on an iPad mini and everything has been working just fine - happy with it.

I noticed that with the sidemenu the toolbar(at bottom) was black on the iPad mini. Erel tested it, but I think on an iPhone and all was ok.

I decided I would try the same test on my wife's iPhone just incase there was some anomaly that we should all be aware of, however, I am having trouble installing the b4i-bridge. I am using the remote compiler service provided by anywhere soft.

I then followed the following steps:
added the phone's UDID to the provisioning file and downloaded it.
installed the 4bi certificate on the iPhone
built the bridge in the ide
using safari navigated to the suggested url
clicked on the install button

I am asked if I want to install "B4i-Bridge" which I confirm.

After a few seconds Waiting and Installing.. appear on the iPhone bridge icon.
the Install animation goes around to 75% and then a message appears:

b4i-bridge could not be installed at this time (choices are Done or Retry)

I tried RETRY but the installation went into a loop, but I managed to delete the icon
in between all the Done/Retry messages.

I then tried switching the phone off and repeating the process to no avail.

Any suggestions?

Thank you,

Oops, my apologies post is in wrong place. I cannot see how to move it to the correct place.
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Open the mobile provisioning file with a text editor. Look for: <key>UUID</key>
The UUIDs are listed under this key. In your file there is a single id. My guess is that you haven't downloaded the updated provisioning file.

What you said is quite true, there was only one device, however, I did download the provisioning file.
Knowing that, I went to the provisioning file and deleted it and regenerated it. I then had a look inside
and under <key>UUID<key> there is still only one entry. But a few lines above the entry
appears with the device UDID's.

I mistakenly thought that by adding the extra device that the provisioning file would be changed automatically.
I am being verbose, but just in case someone else can benefit, those are the details.

The bridge is now working on the iPhone and happily so is the app as far as I have gone with it.

The change from Android to IOS is interesting and whilst the shape of the app has to change, at least large chunks of code can be used quite readily.
I am enjoying it - well done!

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