invalid resource directory name values-b+sr+Latn


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Hi. I am trying to update my app to the latest SDK, so I'm trying to test the file Erel posted here

The file is

First I had an error regarding support-v6 when compiling, I found in the forum that updating to the latest version of these files will solve the problem

Android Support Repository
Android Support Library
Google Play Services
Google Repository

It did, but now I get this message

Generating R file. Error
invalid resource directory name: F:\SISTEMAS\Android\Samples\B4A Samples\Objects\bin\extra\res1\res/values-b+sr+Latn

This is when I begin to panic. Can't find any information regarding this situation.
I am not an expert in java or library installations and so, I just followed the steps to install B4A and began coding. If there are some steps to resolve this matter, please somebody let me know.