iOS Question ios ihttputils2 multipart post

Michael Stewart

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I have an android app written on B4a (7.80)

I'm attempting to move it over to B4i (4.4)

It performs a multipart post to an generic handler (.ashx)

------ B4x ------

'Send the report up here + the 6 photos
Dim j As HttpJob
j.Initialize("sendresults", Me)

Dim ImagesCursor As ResultSet
Dim Filename As String
Dim Filetext As String

Dim Files As List


ImagesCursor = SQLMain.ExecQuery2("SELECT * FROM tablet where tabletid =? and ID=?"),Array(1,1))

Do While ImagesCursor.NextRow

Filename = ImagesCursor.GetString("ImagePath")
Filetext = ImagesCursor.GetString("ImageText")

If File.Exists(File.DirTemp,Filename) Then

Dim myfile As MultipartFileData


myfile.KeyName = "fd1"

myfile.Dir = File.DirTemp 'File.DirRootExternal

myfile.FileName = Filename

myfile.ContentType = "image/jpeg"


End If


'Post results to server
j.PostMultipart(serverurl & "/handlers/sendresults.ashx", CreateMap("ID":ID),Files)

'j.PostString(serverurl & "/handlers/sendresults.ashx",ID & "_true")

'Dim res As String
Wait For (j) JobDone(j As HttpJob)
If j.Success Then

Msgbox ("Results sent successfully","")

End If


----- sendresults.ashx ------

public void ProcessRequest(HttpContext context)
string connString = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["SqlConnectionString"].ConnectionString;

string returnval = "";

HttpPostedFile file;

int filecount = context.Request.Files.Count;

int ID = Convert.ToInt32(context.Request["ID"]);


It works no problem with identical code on Android, but on iOS using ihttputils2 I get no readable context response (filess or context requests).

(poststring will work)

Does anyone know if there is a difference with the way the httputils2 library works on iOS.