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How much TOTAL have you made from your iOS apps developed with B4i?

  • Under $250

  • $251 - 500

  • $501 - 750

  • $751 - 1000

  • > $1000

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For the record, due to the bug in the poll software (it requires a vote before viewing results), I am one of those who picked > $1000. I don't make that much, but with the bug, I had to choose a random option to view the poll.

Mark Turney

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I think the issue is that there are now over 1.2 million apps on the App Store. I stand at a whopping $20 of sales ... can't even get to it unti $150 ... LOL :cool:

So, in order to stand out, our apps must either be innovative or fun. I realized that my first few creations were kind of "learning (B4i) apps" and didn't expect much. Now, I am focusing my next efforts on studying what has been the biggest sellers. Appears that games sell many times more than other categories of apps. Additionally, apps that are nice "distractions" from our daily grinds are hot ... like Candy Crush.

Would love to hear others' views!


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The App's I put up are more tools for the folks I work with, so while I don't expect to be able to retire on the money made, I at least hope it will offset the cost in being a developer for apple iOS, something I have been forced in to by the sheer number of folks that have apple iPhones, so for the iOS versions I am charging a small amount, for the android versions they are free - a one time fee to google of $25 is nothing compared to the $99 per year for apple, plus having to purchase at least two types of iOS devices so I can see how they look on them, stuff that looks nice on an iPhone looks a little rubbish on an iPad.

I think if you are in it to make a fortune, then yes, you really need a stand out product, its very hard in this saturated market finding something that is original enough to be the next angry birds!