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I have a practical question. I need to directly access the images sent by an IpCam. (For "directly" I mean to get the bytes of the images to display them in an independent B4A app). The starting point, in my case, is that I have an Apexis camera with its software. (No answer from their assistance on the present issue, so avoid to buy their stuff if my problem is also yours, and has no solution, as I fear). To see the images, I must write, on a browser, the command: http://local_addres:port/main.htm, where the local_address and port could be "". Then a menu appears asking to choose among various modes, for example "load an ocx" for IE, or "Server push mode" for FireFox and a more misterious "mobile phone mode" for smartphones/tablets. Besides that their ocx is giving error on IE, other ways work.. but it seems a totally closed way, with no possibility of accessing the video stream information, for example to make a B4A app using that camera. BTW it seems also a common way with Ip cams (just seen an Axis, superficially too): you are forced to use their software that, very bad in my opinion, is not a library, but a sort of end user program, with no chance for making something different.. Do they imagine that there are programmers that want the pure "bytes" of the images, or the think that only end user exist? Forgive my ignorance on the topic.. I worked with many cameras, framegrabbers etc.. and naively I thought that it was a similar situation.. Any comments? Thanks in advance..