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francisco duran

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Hi, i can send me App to appstore but problem with IPV6.

I am use iHttpUtils2 (version 2.20)
Sub JobDone(job As HttpJob)
Dim res1 As String
Dim resu2(30) As String

Dim i As Int
If job.Success=True Then
res1 = job.GetString

Select job.JobName
Case "job1"

The response of:

De Apple
  • 2. 1 Performance: App Completeness (iOS)
Guideline 2.1 - Performance

We were unable to review your app as it crashed on launch. We have attached detailed crash logs to help troubleshoot this issue.

Next Steps

To resolve this issue, please revise your app and test it on a device while connected to an IPv6 network (all apps must support IPv6) to ensure it will launch without crashing.


For information on how to symbolicate and read a crash log, please review Tech Note TN2151 Understanding and Analyzing Application Crash Reports.

For additional information about supporting IPv6 Networks, please review Supporting IPv6 DNS64/NAT64 Networks and Supporting IPv6-only Networks.

For a networking overview, please review About Networking.


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Did you test your app locally with airplane mode turned on and in release mode after you uninstalled the previous app?
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I also experienced this rejection with only using httputils. I created a new build without changing anything and sent for review again and it is approved.
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francisco duran

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Hi, i need install me IPA (Release) for "if there is no internet connection."

"Make sure that your app doesn't crash if there is no internet connection."

Me IPA is in my PC
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francisco duran

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Hi, thanks for all responses.

I continue with problem.

I install in iphone in release mode and work fine, don`t crash in fly mode.

Upload error send to me with itunes connect.

Thanks for your help.


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