iOS Question is developper account needed for only one apps /one local iphone ?


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I've created an apps for personal use with B4A, working great by the way.
I need to port it to IOS but for only one device.. so I would like to do it @ minimum cost.
So after looking many tutorials/posts around with the local server builder running on Mac, it's still not clear for me if there's a workaround to do without the developper account for only one device (install through USB, with configurator 2 may be ?) . I understood previously simulator only, but is it doable now with configurator2 option ?
I'm of course ok to pay for the B4I environnent and the great job done , but adding the developper subcription on top for only one app, one device , it looks really extensive..
so before investing for the B4I license wanted to be sure..
Many thanks in advance for your advice