Android Question Is it possible to host a WebApp created with ABMaterial on an Android device using Erel's Http serve


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For the use case of a new project it is necessary to display content created by user A on an Android device on the PCs of users B, C, D, etc.

In order to achieve the greatest possible flexibility of the PC platform with a standardized UI, ABMaterial was shortlisted for implementation.

It is well known that there are countless tutorials in the community that help you to get started with the practical work with the framework. The questions asked here, however, do not refer to specific details of the technical implementation, but are aimed at a feasibility decision.

1.) Can WebApps created by ABMaterial be executed on an Android device via Erel's Http-Server?

2.) Are there any special conditions that need to be met?

3.) Is there an implementable B4J/B4A demo project that could be viewed on an Android device without lengthy learning?


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Did you have a look at the 'Native' example in the ABM zip (using a WebView)? Doesn't run stand-alone on the device (I mean you still need an external server running the jar). I would not specifically advice it to use in this way, but it may fit your needs.

We use ABM on all kind of devices (Android, iPads, PC, Mac, linux, Raspberry), but in a browser of course. We have a VPN which runs the ABM app, and all devices connect to that.

Another approach may be BANano (, but it needs some more knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript than ABM. On the other hand it runs stand-alone and doesn't even require a webserver (you can double-click the generated html file and it will work).
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