Android Question Is it possible to upload code that I already have or purchased?


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I am beginner and had paid a firm to do a delivery App and as I load them for Dev and we are about 90% complete they dropped an added bill for my code of thousands and thousands. I am here to take control over knowing how to develop myself and would like to use the resources I already developed.

Looking for support please message.

Brian Dean

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You say that you are a beginner, and I am going to assume that you are a complete beginner.

You don't say what assets you have in your posession. If you have been sent only some part finished demonstration programs then these are of little use. It is like being sent a recording of an orchestra; to reproduce it you need the sheet music - in software terms, the source code. If If you do have some source code then we need to know what software language it is written in - it is no use having piano sheet music if you play only the violin.

It sounds as though you have been deliberately tricked, in which case you have probably been sent nothing of real value. If I am mistaken then post more information.