B4J Question Is there something to parse CSS in B4X?


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Hi there

I want to merge some css files and im sure these have duplicates. Is there something that already exists in b4x that I can use to parse css.

I want to pass it a file names for the css and it will find duplicates rules i.e 100% match.
I want to create a single file from a merge of two or more css files without duplicate rules?



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did they have the same origin?
there are some (free) tools to compare files for differences usually for source codes for merge changes.
win merge, Beyond Compare
it shows differences and you can swap rows between left & right.


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it shows differences and you can swap rows between left & right
Thanks, its two different css files that almost 80% contain the same css rules, for example, one file might have a 98% css rule that matches the other file css rule.

So I need to find identical css rules (these could be anywhere on the file), for those css rules that are 98% same, indicate and merge the rest to a single file.

Been using the comparison tools but I need code to parse the files myself and manipulate.