Other Is your MediaPlayer stuttering?

Robert Valentino

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On my Samsung S2 Tablet (SM-T210R) and on my Samsung Phone S7 the music App I am working on sometimes Stutters. A lot more stuttering on the slower S2 Tablet then on the faster S7 Phone.

This was driving me crazy. Thought I was eating too many cycles up, and nothing I did changed or fixed the problem.

So I did a Google search I and came up with this link: https://stackoverflow.com/questions...layer-getcurrentposition-causes-audio-stutter

In the above link it talks about GetPosition causing stuttering and I was referencing the MediaPlayer .Duration and .Position functions a lot.

In one window it was counting down the seconds left (so it was getting .Duration and .Position) and in the main timer server I was checking (every second) to see if there was 7 or less seconds left (this was calling the .Duration and .Position this was in order to pre-start another player so one song rolled into another without dead space).

After reading the comments, I create variables that my main timer server updated and stopped using MediaPlayer to get this values.

As SOON as I did this everything plays MUCH smoother and a little stuttering on the slower device and NONE on the faster one.

Just wanted to past this information along in case anyone else was experiencing this problem