iOS Question ixui V1.72?

Alexander Stolte

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where i can find the newest ixui version? V1.72? i need this for the Reveal Color View.

if i use the normal xui v1.72 version then it comes this error on compile:
b4i_main.h:3:9: fatal error: 'XUI.h' file not found
i use the Hosted Mac Builder.


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The Reveal Color View project is a B4A project using the XUI library.
But, it is not cross platform!
Perhaps, the code module used is cross platform compatible.
But as soon as you compile a cross platform module into a library, this library is mono platform!
By the way, when you compile a B4i module into a library you need to ask Erel to be able to use it with the Hosted Mac Builder.


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If "B4X" is in the tag, I thought that this is also cross platform. Again learned something.
You thought correctly, in fact the library is cross platform as you can deduce from the title [B4X].
You have to download the library in the ios version.