Java jre 8-211


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Just got the notification of a java update on my pc to go to 211 on the jre.

I just happened to read the screen before I clicked install.

The jre is free for personal use but needs a license for commercial use.

So my point is be aware that if you bundle the jre with your program and sell it, you are technically breaking the license agreement.


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Ok Erel, but does it mean that there's no way (anymore) to bundle a Java 8 runtime with a B4J app without breaking the license agreement?


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1. B4JPackager (not 11) is a thin wrapper above javapackager tool. This is a tool provided by Oracle to help developers build installers for their Java apps that include an embedded runtime.
2. I'm not a lawyer.
3. I did try to find more information about this without success.
4. There is a simple and clear solution, switch to OpenJDK 11.


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This is from the java se pages (faq's)
Q4: What are the Java 8 “End of Public Updates” timelines?

The January 15th, 2019 scheduled Critical Patch Update of Java 8 (8u201, and the related 8u202 Patch Set Update) are the last update available under the BCL license which is generally free for general purpose desktop and server use, and has been the Oracle JDK license for several years. The following update of Java 8, scheduled for April 16, 2019 (8u211 and the related 8u212 Patch Set Update), will be made available under a new license which will be free for personal individual desktop use, and free for development, testing, prototyping and demonstration purposes.

The most recent Java releases remain free and under an open source license, from, or free for development, testing, prototyping and demonstrating license from OTN. Java SE Subscriptions are available for those who wish to continue to use Java 8 updates made available as of April 16th, 2019 for commercial or production purposes. The Java SE Subscription FAQ has additional information including pricing.


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If you have to stick with an updated 8, you could try alternative providers such as
1) Amazon Corretto ( Version 8 should come packaged with JavaFX (Version 11 does not).
. You should go for the "Zulu 8 or Zulu 11 with OpenJFX" edition to have JFX bundled with Java 8.

There are others, you'll just have to search online (some don't bundle JFX though).