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I have successfully received data from an API call and have gotten back a JSON response but I am getting an error when I try to assign one of the response entries to a string. The value of the entry I am trying to assign to a string is a varchar(max). I set a breakpoint and see that the key I am using is correct "CLAIMMEMO" and a value exists. The value from the JSON is an encoded base 64 byte array. Below is the error and the line of code which is giving me the error, there is only two lines every time the error message is displayed. I also get the same error when I try to log the Get("CLAIMMEMO") but I do not get an error when the log the row it self and see the truncated value for CLAIMMEMMO. Please assist.

Error occurred on line: 139 (ClaimItemsProcessActivity)
java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "CLAIMMEMO"

Dim signatureinputstring As String
Dim su As StringUtils
signatureinputstring = row.Get("CLAIMMEMO")


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Makes sense if row is a list instead of a map. Should follow Erel's recommendations.
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