Java Question Java Libs - I'm a little confused...


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Good afternoon,

I'm trying to find a way of using existing java files in B4A. There are some good utils out there.

I saw the post where it's explained how to create a Java Lib in Eclipse, with the .xml doc, and that can be used with B4A - although I was only able to retrieve the .xml file and not the .jar file... Don't know why. But I would surely would like to know the reason.

But even in that process (Eclipse), how do I fit in the existing java files?

If they are plain procedures - functions - I can put them manually in Eclipse; it's a little bit boring, but it can be done with patience.

But what about "public class" procedures? Like:

public class L
double x1;
double x2;
double x3;
double xr;

How and where are they inserted in the Eclipse code?

Can someone please point me out how to do this?

Kind regards,