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Does anyone else have this horrible feeling of angst and impending doom, when the endlessly-irritating Windows Notification Interruption (WNI) pops up and says
"Java Update Available - A new version of Java is ready to be installed. Click here to continue."

Like just now ...


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I always ignore it.
Tried to disable it but it comes again and again. Now just ignore it.
Have fear to update, lest it stops my B4X !


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Yes! and alot. mainly because of 2 reasons.

Over here in my country, goverment pages are based on java applets, they are outdated, depracted and any other -ted you can imagine. so everytime a java update happens we can't access those services.

Second one is because java 11 which is the standard here in the forum will some day expire and the java update will go to 17 or 19 and some stuff are going to be broken