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    This is not a Library per se, but a link into the jfugue for Android jar file. I have built a jfplayer class which creates and saves a midi file, then plays it (the only way it can be done on Android without using external devices). I have yet to look to see if it can drive the MidiLib I posted previously.

    i have re-created some of the example code that appears on the jfugue web site: http://www.jfugue.org/examples.html so you can see how easy it is to access this jar using JavaObject. So rather than me deciding what to wrap, you can access most of the functions directly.

    It took a while to get a working jar file, I had to install Android Studio and learn to use that and Gradle, and fix a bug that prevented it playing chords.

    There is a simliar post for B4j which shares all of the processing code of the attached project (with the use of compilation directives).

    The jfugue website with more examples and documentation for the API is here: http://www.jfugue.org/index.html.

    The library zip contains 2 files, the jfugue-android.jar and a javaxmidi.jar which is written by the same person that converted jfugue for android. Copy both of the jars to your additional libraries directory.

    Edit: If you want to try your hand at wrapping this with JavaObject, there is an example walkthrough here: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/wrapping-the-jfugue-midi-programming-jar-b4a-b4j.62280/

    Have fun

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    Great. Thank you !
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