[Job Offer] [Reverse Engineering] [Node.js] Senior Node Js Back-End Developer With Android Reverse Engineering Skills


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Hello There,

I'm looking for a Back-end Developer on node.js with experience in Reverse Engineering of Android applications.
The project has already started, i'm looking for a person that joins the team and takes it forward.
The required skills are as follows:

  • Past experience in Android Reverse Engineering (Videogames are a plus)
  • Knowledge of the main software for Reverse (Ida, Frida, or similar)
  • Good knowledge of MongoDB
  • Good knowledge of Node.js
    the developer will have to implement an alternative server application for an Android video game. Analyze the data transmission between device and server and then replicate it. In other words, it is a custom server that interprets the original client’s packages and does X things.
    The work is to be done remotely and is long-term requiring at least 30 hours per week
The job is intended to be long-term.