1. R

    Android Question Futronic Finger print error JNI DETECTED ERROR IN APPLICATION: use of invalid jobject

    Hi all , I am developing an android app , I am using SDK for Futronic finger print in my app and it works fine , but some devices return for me this error : "JNI DETECTED ERROR IN APPLICATION: use of invalid jobject 0xbabbb8d0" any one can help ??
  2. peacemaker

    Android Question tiny single-board computer, Android based

    HI, All Who knows what SBC with Android do we have now in 2020 on the market ? With WiFi, accelerometer, BT4+ optionally... And maybe any GPIO... Good documented. And if with some Android version source codes\ROM to customize - it's the best...
  3. Ahmet KOÇ

    Android Question webview video fullscreen problem

    Video full screen button is not active on webview. anyone who solved this problem?
  4. manzoor

    Android Question GetCell Value of 2nd Column below 1st Column and so on in Excel - Urgent Help Requested

    Help from respected developers needed I need this GetCell Value of 2nd Column below 1st Column and so on in Excel as explained in attached file
  5. pauleffect

    Android Question [USB AUDIO CLASS]

    Hello. I have a usb headset (mic + headphones). I'd like to use the usb library to connect to the headset directly. Kinda like a USB Sniffer. Is it possible to open a device in shared access mode and see the traffic it generates? I'm interested in "sniffing" the isochronous endpoints.
  6. Marvel

    Share My Creation Stopeet - Phone Addiction Manager

    Finally! I get to release my first android app. It is called Stopeet - Phone Addiction Manager. It helps you track the time spent on your phone and helps you set limits. It is far from perfect, but I hope people will find it useful regardless of its imperfections. It took a very long time than...
  7. Pedro Caldeira

    Android Question Retrieving Phone or Tablet Language

    Hello All, I am trying to get the two letter code of the language used by the Tablet or Phone (EN) (PT) (ES), etc My device, a Samsung TabA is in Portuguese wirt all texts and messages also in Portuguese, but I always get EN, US, EN-US. Any idea why ? Sub Get_Language As String Dim jo As...
  8. arenaluigi

    Android Tutorial Free Mini Course Android Development Environment Preparation (B4A)

    Good morning, I'd like to share the free "Android Development Environment Preparation" course. This course helps prepare the B4A development environment to start developing Android apps. I thank everyone, and count a lot in your feedback. Here is the link: Video corso Preparazione ambiente di...
  9. arenaluigi

    Italian Mini corso gratuito Preparazione Ambiente di Sviluppo Android (B4A)

    Buongiorno, vorrei condividere il corso gratuito "Preparazione ambiente di sviluppo Android" . Questo corso aiuta a preparare l'ambiente di sviluppo B4A per iniziare a sviluppare App per Android. Ringrazio a tutti, e conto moltissimo nei vostri feedback. Di seguito il link: Video corso...
  10. N

    Android Question Receive data from MQTT broker into MQTT Android Client

    Hey guys, I am new to B4x. I have been watching videos recently and doing beginner programs but my main objective is to use B4a to create an app that receives data from MQTT broker The data later needs to recorded over time and represented on a graph. I'm looking for a template...
  11. Ibrahim Saleh

    Video Streaming App

    I need an b4a app that is able to stream video from local storage. The video streaming service must use socket server to send chuck byte array to the video player. For more reference check this link. If you are up...
  12. K

    Android Question Uncaught translation error After Updating Android SDK

    I follow this tutorial :: and Update Android SDK Because its showing :: Maven artifact not found: After that Compiler Showing B4A Version: 9.80 Java Version: 8 Parsing code...
  13. Peter Simpson

    🤗 My happy introduction to B4X

    Hmm, I see that Anywhere Software has created this new section in the forum, so I've decided to add my actual B4X story. WARNING: This is going to be a loooooooooooong read :cool: I've always enjoyed creating software from the early days of the humble 48k ZX spekky, to machine coding my 68000...
  14. H

    Android Question Real Time Location App

    How can I develope App which show Real Time position of another device? I am confuse what to store on server. and How to show on map.
  15. demonio_jack

    Android Question Installing B4A App with MySQL

    Hi everyone!!! This is my very first time in B4A and trying to install a small app with MySQL. It's work in debugging environment... but when I compile it to install in a android phone, fail. I'm not sure what I have to do, I've seen a lot of videos and posts but I haven't found "the procedure"...
  16. P

    Android Question Looking for a service...

    Hi. I'm looking for a service like crashlytic's logging Sub Activity_Click '//Something like this CL.CLog("log message...") End Sub But the only problem is that these logs are sent just when there is a crash. I'm looking for a service like this so i can send logs without "crash"ing my...
  17. O

    Android Question Simple way to play the configured notification sound when a button is pressed

    Looking for a way to simply play the configured notification sound when the user hits a utton
  18. K

    Spanish Imprimir en impresora Dpp 250 desde Android

    Buenas tardes, Estoy intentando imprimir desde Android con flutter en una impresora DPP 250 y no hay forma. He intentado utilizar una herramienta de test, pero tras enviar una impresión la luz de bluetooth parpadea pero no imprime nada ??? Alguien me puede ayudar con este tema? Gracias
  19. M

    Android Question Blank/activity not starting

    Hi, I'm testing my app with B4A-Bridge but when it compiles it stays still and doesn't show views like buttons, labels, etc. Please look at my screenshot and help me. P.s I have loaded my activity.
  20. C

    Android Question How do i enable Smart popup permission?

    Hi, I have a Samsung device and I noticed that there is a function called Smart Popup. I want to implement that function in my app but I don't know what permission to use. Also whatsapp and Amazon enabled smart popup automatically Can you help me? Thanks in advance, Simone