1. CorryWestSide

    Android Question How to sign an XML in B4A?

    hi, the question is very easy, i make a function for build a xml structure so i put it in a file and save it like xml. Easy, the problem is that i have to sign this file for send it to Italian Tax Agency and i have with me only a x509Certificate. On Internet i found that with only that i can...
  2. R

    Android Question Looking into Samsung Health SDK

    Does anyone knows or have an example on reading the Samsung Health? I am looking to read and display the information on my android phone. Thanks in advance for any ideas, suggestions and examples (if possible).
  3. M

    Android Question Programmatically Exit from Screensaver/Somnambulator

    Hi everyone, Some time ago I posted this question on how to start programmatically the Screensaver from my Application. Is there a way to do the opposite? I wish to exit from the screensaver to show up my Application again (I will do it in the event that fires when new data arrives from the...
  4. N

    Android Question Service Only App

    Hi, I am trying to find a way to build a service only app. I remember years ago using B4A (when you still needed to pay for it), where you could build a service only app. I can't seem to work out how to do it in the current version, and I can't seem to find any forum posts either. Any help...
  5. M

    Android Question [XUI Views] user_interaction Java event not firing while using B4XInputTemplate

    Hi everyone, my app has a timeout timer that is resetted every time that the user interacts with the application interface. Thanks to this method However I just implemented a B4XDialog with B4XInputTemplate and I noticed that when the keyboard is used in Text Mode the "user_interaction" event...
  6. M

    Android Question Start Screensaver programmatically

    Hi everyone, I’m developing an app that will run on a panel tablet (kiosk). This tablet has the screensaver function in system settings (colors or clock) with a button to start it. From settings seems that the screensaver can start ONLY if the tablet is charging… but since it is a tablet panel...
  7. A

    Android Question Web View - need webview die continue

    I have a web vision, I get out of the application and, when the loaded page passes 20 minutes, the page does not continue, the page stops!
  8. M

    Android Question [B4X Pages] How to restart an Application after a Crash

    Hi everyone, I've to develop a Kiosk Mode Application (for a panel pc/tablet)... I'm concerned about what happens if the app crashes... Is there any robust way to restart the application in case it crashes? Thanks in advance
  9. M

    Android Question Use Android tablet with /dev/ttyS0 serial port

    Hi everyone, I have a project to do that involves using an Android Tablet. This tablet has several ports and one of these (/dev/ttyS0) is used by a MIFARE UART card reader (called ICM523). Here on the forum I'm not able to find the correct way to interact with a hardware serial port in order...
  10. denis li

    Android Question how to get incoming call state to my SIM when I am on the voip call

    I have app which is supporting the voip call. when I am on the voip call, if I get SIM call and accept it, I am going to hold the voip call. I am using TelephonyManager and PhoneStateListener to get the incoming call state. When there is no active voip call, I can get the incoming call...
  11. M

    Android Question [B4X] CustomListView Reorder items by dragging

    Hi everyone, I'm doing some researches, is there any way to reorder a CLV item by dragging and dropping it in a new location? A bit like in the following image Thanks in advance.
  12. F

    Android Question Select and Move in the UI

    Is there a way to move like a Button-UITextEntry just by click on it? I did this by a setting the Width/Height and its Location when Adding the View but instead, i just want to create a Button with a static Width/Height in the View but when i click on it, DRAG this object around the view Any...
  13. M

    Bug? [B4A] Intent Based Camera stops working in certain conditions 🤯

    Hi everyone, I'm using this method by @Erel to take a picture from Android in my app released months ago. Since some days, some customers told me that the "take picture" button is not working anymore, randomly. After some investigation in my code, I could not find the problem... the only thing...
  14. G

    Android Question Printing on Thermal Printer (58mm)

    Hello Everyone. I am currently exploring the best way for printing on a thermal printer. I've been experimenting with "PrintHtml," but I've noticed that the print quality is not good. Could anyone offer any suggestions or recommendations for achieving higher quality prints on a thermal...
  15. G

    Android Question Intent Set & Add Flags

    Hello everyone. I want add these two lines in my code. lvIntent.setFlags(Intent.FLAG_ACTIVITY_NEW_TASK); lvIntent.addFlags(Intent.FLAG_ACTIVITY_EXCLUDE_FROM_RECENTS); Is there anyway to do it? Thank you in advance.
  16. Peter Simpson

    B4A Library Android powered Honeywell N660x 1D/2D barcode laser scanner module

    Hello All, Here is a library that I wrapped for Android 1D/2D laser barcode scanners that uses the Honeywell N660x hardware scanning module. Obviously you don't need a library to use a Android 1D/2D hardware laser barcode scanner. To receive barcode data, you can use an Intent via a Receiver...
  17. S

    Android Question B4A Question , Font Scaling Problem (Any Device)

    Hello To Active Forum Members I've Recently installed B4A To Develop an app Which i succeed thanks to forum and tutorials. Now im In Realese phase and i'm having a problem with scaling - I used Blue Stacks Emulator To develop my App ( No Bridge ) and every things works fine. - But When i use...
  18. F

    Android Question Compiling Resources Error

    Hello everybody, I am unable to compile the project. The project suddenly stopped compiling, could anyone help me? Code error: -------- B4A Version: 12.50 Parsing code. (0.05s) Java Version: 8 Building folders structure. (0.03s) Compiling code. (0.14s) Compiling layouts code...
  19. H

    Android Question Android ends service!

    I'm just writing to try to understand when a service running in the foreground is disabled by the Android system. I developed an alarm app and after choosing the text and time data for the alarms, I close the app and only its service is running in the foreground, sometimes it works for a day...
  20. lussaz91

    Android Question How to unsubscribe from all topics in Android usign firebase?

    I saw this useful thread about how to implement push notifications by Erel: Now I'd just like to know how if there's a method to unsubscribe from all topics or at least one topic in an android App. And maybe...