1. Dhanen

    Android Question CreditsRoll Library in newer versions of Android Studio?

    Hi all, Hope this question is well posted here. I am new and I am not sure, please if doesn't, tell me where I should move it. And sorry if my english is not as good, but it's not my first language (even not my second one). I have been searching and asking here and there during some months...
  2. aironium

    Android Question How to obtain the current webpage title of the Webview?

    For context, I am currently developing an app for my capstone project (I call it Zyngil, a debt manager for micro-stores/variety stores in the Philippines). The sign up page is a B4xpage object with a webview... er view. Honestly I don't know if I am asking the correct question, but yeah, I want...
  3. RockSmoke

    Android Question Convert String Expression To Label

    Good day to everyone. In my project on B4A, I convert the data I receive over BLE to UTF-8 units. Then I want to give it to the screen via the label, but I am getting such an error. How do i convert to label text Thanks For Your Answer. ERROR MESSAGE : (TextView) android.widget.TextView{82e135b...
  4. M

    Android Question B4A - Maven artifact not found: androidx.core/core-ktx (-> lStar)

    Hi everyone, I just switched to a MacBook M1 and i'm configuring everything on Windows11 with Parallels. I followed the usual B4A installation instructions and tried to compile an already existing project. This error showed up... what can i do? i already tried to install these...
  5. S

    Android Question Only show seekbar of Exoplayer and rewind/fastforward

    Hello, I have 2 questions for Exoplayer, 1-is it possible to only show the seekbar/progressbar and time of the Exoplayer, and not the buttons? If yes how to do that? playing with these settings sometimes I only see the rewind/fastforward and not play stop, but that's probably a glitch...
  6. R

    Android Question Help in Parsing Weather Json and showing it on label

    Hello, I need a small help or an example. I have a small section in my App where I want to show the live Weather plus weather conditions for the next 3 days. I am using accuweather for this. I am getting the following json data response. { "Headline": { "EffectiveDate"...
  7. D

    Wish Browser-based B4J issue on Android

    Using BANano to create a B4J app that runs in browser. Works great, but discovered an issue with Android browser behavior. In the KeyDown event the KeyCode always return 229 vs the KeyCode of the entered key. This appears to be how things work on Android, something to do with Auto Suggest...
  8. M

    iOS Question [B4X] BLE 2 - Concept of "ID" different between iOS and Android...

    Hi everyone, I'm developing an app that uses the BLE, i'm using the last suggested way: this. However... i need to connect to a specific device knowing the MAC Address... I made the App for Android and everything works because when the sub "_DeviceFound" fires it returns something like: where...
  9. M

    Android Question Very strange SLOWNESS in BLE writeData

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to send a 900KB file to an ESP32 via BLE. Assume that the code on the ESP32 is working because i tested it using a React WebApp running in the PC browser, that connects to it over BLE and send the files. Everything works fine. However... i managed to port the same...
  10. I

    Android Question Covert Mobile To NFC TAG

    Hi Good Day Can anyone help me to Convert Android Mobile as NFC TAG without any application or With Application. If it is possible with application Can I have sample code. Thanks
  11. A

    Android Question FirebaseAdMob2 My Test App not displaying test ad, Ad is blank

    Issue: I am having issues successfully implementing FirebaseAdMob2 in test mode in a test app that I have made. Having only a banner ad as adview , and while running the test app the banner ad displays blank. I have executed the following: On Google AdMob portal: I created an account today...
  12. A

    Spanish Conectar a Azure

    Hola estoy intentando conectar b4a a una base de datos en azure. alguna idea?
  13. king_mkv

    Android Question send image to telegram bot

    Hello guys, I hope you are well I want to write a project that has permission to Storage, like most programs that display a pop-up and have a Deny and Allow option for Storage. After that, I want to send a file (for example, a photo in the existing path) to the Telegram bot. How to write this...
  14. P

    Android Question App user cannot change of button name ( B4XPage )

    Hello everyone! To do this, I use 2 objects: Button and EditText. In the Visual Designer, I set both of these objects in the same place in such a way that the Button is under EditText. In normal operation of the application, EditText is hidden (EditText.Visable = False) In the Button1_LongClick...
  15. Carlos marin

    Android Question Library creation error, Context.getApplicationContext() error

    Hello friends, I would like you to help me with my concerns, I am new to this topic of creating libraries so I try to understand but in the following I have not found a solution. I am creating a wrapper of an SDK, in the first part I must initialize it and get the ok or the error of said...
  16. Carlos marin

    Zendesk SDK iOS and Android wrapper

    Hi, I'm looking for someone who can help me with the Zendesk SDK wrapper, both for iOS and Android, with all its services: SUPPORT SDK Zendesk Guide ANSWER BOT SDK CHAT SDK V2 TALK SDK The SDK link is as follows: You can...
  17. M

    Android Question Prevent text zoom

    Hi everyone, while testing my app, i noticed that when an user has the text zoom enabled in phone settings, all the sizes of my app are messed up. Is there a way to prevent the phone to change the sizes I set even if the zooming option is enabled in the settings of the phone? Thanks in advance
  18. Guardian17

    Android Question Android App Receiving Data from Arduino

    Moved to the B4R Questions
  19. abedcode

    Android Question what #DebuggerForceStandardAssets means?

    hi everyone, does anyone know what #DebuggerForceStandardAssets: True means & what it really does?? when should I use it?
  20. Ibrahim Saleh

    Android Question Issue with updating variable from locked screen

    I'm having this frustrating problem with B4xPages. The issue is that I'm not able to change the value of a variable in the FirebaseMessaging service when I get a Push Notification while the phone is locked and the screen is off. I tried the phonewakestate lib to keep the phone state...