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I would like to ask for an update for jPi4J, since pi4j 1.0 i available.
It gives support for new Raspberry Pi B+ and Raspberry Pi Compute Module.
They both have extended gpio headers.

Would it be also possible to add support for PCF8574 GpioProvider in jPi4J?
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How I can do it?
"You can replace the "native" pi4j library. Just update the jars. You will then be able to use the extended pins"
Could you help me?
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look here (info from my B4J HowTo's)

B4J Setup
A wrapper, jPi4J, is available for the Pi4J Library:
Find here http://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/jpi4j-raspberry-pi-gpio-controller.37493/

Summary of the Libraries required
In the B4J additional library folder, following files should be listed:
jPi4J.jar, jPi4J.xml
pi4j-core.jar, pi4j-device.jar, pi4j-gpio-extension.jar

As the Raspberry Pi is being developed further, ensure to use the latest Pi4J Library files.
Download the latest jar files from http://pi4j.com/download.html#Direct_Download to the PC.
Copy following jar files to the B4J additional library folder: pi4j-core, pi4j-device, pi4j-gpio-extension

A new jPi4J library is not required. Use the one provided in jpi4j.zip (see link above). Ensure
* the jPi4J.jar and jPi4J.xml are stored in the B4J additional library folder.
* the jPi4J library is selected in the B4J IDE (Libs Tab)

Information about the Pin Numbering using wiringPi can be found here:
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