B4J Question jRDC, How to connect to multiple database?


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Hi guys,

I need a help, how to configure jRDC to connect to multiple database.

Thanks in advance.


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You will need to understand how the code is built and change it a bit. It is quite simple.

Replace rdcConnector1 with rdcConnectorA and rdcConnectorB.
Each one of them will point to a different database (you will need to take care of loading the correct configuration file).

Now in RDCHandler add this to Class_Globals
private connector as RDCConnector
private connectors As Map = CreateMap("a": Main.rdcConnectorA, "b": Main.rdcConnectorB)

You will need to add an additional parameter to the query (together with the method parameter). Lets call it database.
Dim method As String = req.GetParameter("method")
connector = connectors.Get(req.GetParameter("database"))
The last step is to change the references to Main.rdcConnector1 with connector.
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i follow this instruction but, how about configuration file ? should i create 2 config file ? if yes, how i call these config file ?
also about main, should i create srvr1 and srvr2 to define server port ?
and about testhandler should i create connector again like in testhandler ?

thx alot
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