B4J Question jRDC2 and DB engine on Linux


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Hello All,

First, I am a newbie to linux and am trying to learn the operating system. I have a db engine running on a centos 8 VM. I was able to run jRDC2 on the windows dev machine and connect to the DB engine in Linux successfully. I want to run the jRDC2 middle ware and DB engine on the linux server itself and of course run the B4J app on the desktop(s) to add, update and delete data just like any database app. It should be possible however I have not seen any tutorial on how to do this, and since newbie to linux I am clueless on how to deploy the jRDC2 on the centos 8. May I ask for assistance, maybe a link I have missed or a tutorial.

Thank you in advance,



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