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Bernaert Dominique

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Does anybody have some running JRDC2 code that does this?
I've been trying to adjust the code without luck.

The client application connects to a central database (database 1).
The result from the query is the name of the database and the location of the database on the server (full path + name of the database).
All next queries should be send to the same server but with the full path + name of the database.
The queries should be executed to the database passed as a parameter.

We have more than 100 databases running on the server (each account has his own database).
That way we only need one JRDC2 server running.



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See the attached example.
It is mostly untested and you will need to modify it based on your specific requirements.

The idea is to have a map of RDCConnectors instead of a single connector.
All requests should include a DBName parameter which is the connector key.
The jdbc url is set like this:
Dim jdbc As String = config.Get("JdbcUrl")
jdbc = jdbc.Replace("$DB$", mDBName)
pool.Initialize(config.Get("DriverClass"), jdbc , config.Get("User"), _

Things to consider:
1. Security - how to prevent one account from accessing database of a different account.
2. Maintenance - how to update the list of accounts preferably without resetting the server.


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