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  1. rwblinn

    rwblinn Well-Known Member Licensed User

    jRLDialogsX is an open source B4J Dialogs Library providing a comprehensive set of Dialogs.
    The library is coded as a B4J Class with Inline Java, no additional libraries or wrappers required.
    Note: Requirements minimum B4J v5.80 and Java JDK v8 (8u40+).

    Version: 1.87
    Download (GitHub) the B4J library, source code, examples and PDF documentation.

    How to Use
    • Copy jrldialogsx.jar, jrldialogsxfiles.jar and xml to the B4J additional library folder.
    • In the B4J project, select jrldialogsx from the B4J IDE Libs tab.
    • See folder Examples - the fullexample is a must read, get started with the InformationDialog.
    Version Control
    20190407 (v1.87)NEW: SimpleFormDialog - DatePicker via option "D";NEW: YesNoCancel dialog - if Cancel text is empty, the cancel button is not created;NEW: ListDialog, ListDialog2 - if DefaultItem = -1 then no item selected;UPD: Documentation & Examples;NEW: Published on GitHub
    20180326 (v1.86)NEW: ListFindDialog Set or get content of textfield FindItem
    20180312 (v1.85)NEW: DidYouKnow2 dialog with prev / next tip buttons; NEW: ExtendedDialog Show or hide the less details hyperlink button; UPD: ListFindDialog search field across dialog window, moved buttons OK & cancel down; UPD: Documentation & Examples. See Post #73
    20171025 (v1.80)NEW: jRLDialogsXFiles.jar holding additional files from the library Files folder. This file must be located in the B4J Additional Libraries folder.; NEW: ListFindDialog with a find item option - first non Inline Java Dialog (requires jRLDialogsXFiles.jar); UPD: Icons (for dialogs DidYouKnow and LoginDialog2) are included in jRLDialogsXFiles.jar; UPD: LoginDialog and Login2Dialog2 with textfield horizontal grow option; UPD: Documentation & Examples. See Post #60
    20170906 (v1.77)UPD: SimpleformDialog set request focus on first field; UPD: Minor changes
    20170822 (v1.76)NEW: Library renamed from jRLDialogs8 to jRLDialogsX; UPD: Minor changes
    20170802 (v1.75)NEW: PDF Documentation
    20170711 (v1.74)NEW: SimpleFormDialog ComboBox Field with field value comma separated string, SimpleFormDialog Property ComboBox editable; UPD: Examples. See Post #60
    20170703 (v1.72)NEW:ToastMessageAlert Information,Warning,Error; MessageHTMLDialog3 with OK/Cancel, MessageHTML show/hide details button; UPD: Examples. See Post #58
    20170626 (v1.68)NEW:MessageDialog set wrap;SimpleFormDialog set inputfield width;MessageHTMLDialog2;Overview;UPD:Examples. See Post #56
    20170620 (v1.65)NEW:Localization Show Details Hyperlink Button for Dialogs Extended, Message, MessageHTML; NEW: Extended Dialog option Message & MessageHTML Dialogs;UPD: Examples. See Post #55
    20170612 (v1.62)NEW:SliderDialog; NEW:SimpleFormDialog CheckBox Field; NEW: Extended Dialog option show content expanded; NEW: DoNotAskAgainDialog; UPD: Fields padding removed; UPD: Examples. See Post #53.
    20170601 (v1.59)NEW:SimpleFormDialog TextArea Field, option to split form fields; FIX: ConfirmDialog; UPD: Examples. See Post #50.
    20170531 (v1.58)NEW:ToastMessage set background and border line color; UPD: Examples. See Post #49.
    20170530 (v1.57)NEW:ColorNameDialog and ColorPickerDialog to get Color as Paint; NEW:ToastMessage set font size and border width; UPD:Toastmessage using default colors; UPD:Examples. See Post #47.
    20170528 (v1.56)NEW:SimpleFormDialog (create n label:field pairs; field=Text or Password or Numeric); MultiInputFieldDialog (create n label:textfield pairs); IntegerInputDialog; Full Example reworked. See Post #46.
    20170525 (v1.53)NEW:TimePicker (24h), TimePicker (12h), TextInputDialog4 (with option to set the width of the textfield, no label used); More examples. See Post #44.
    20170522 (v1.50)NEW:String localisation Username Label/Prompt, Password Label/Prompt, OK/Cancel Button, YES/NO Button, Login Button, Select Button. See Post #42.
    20160801 (v1.47)UPD:Set default selected item for ChoiceDialog, SelectDialog, ListDialog, and ListDialog2; Example 1 converted to B4J Visual Designer.
    20160411 (v1.46)UPD:MessageHTMLDialog handles anchors if defined like href="#myanchor" ... name="myanchor" ...
    20151011 (v1.45)UPD:Textfield gets initial focus when openeing dialog TextInputDialog, TextInputDialog2, TextInputDialog3, LoginDialog, LoginDialog2, TextAreaDialog
    20150910 (v1.4)NEW:SetParentWindow; FIX: ToastMessage center screen
    20150828 (v1.3)NEW:ToastMessage
    20150604 (v1.2)NEW:TextAreaDialog
    20150617 (v1.11)UPD:TextInputDialog3 added hint for checking null
    20150512 (v1.1)NEW:TextInputDialog3
    20150406 (v1.0)NEW:SpinnerIntegerDialog, SpinnerDoubleDialog, SpinnerListDialog
    20150405 (v0.9)NEW:TextInputDialog2, DatePickerDialog
    20150404 (v0.8)NEW:SelectDialog; FIX: ListDialog, ListDialog2 removed expand option
    20150403 (v0.7)NEW:ListDialog, ListDialog2
    20150402 (v0.6)NEW:LoginDialog2, DidYouKnowDialog, ExceptionDialog, Message, MessageHTMLDialog
    20150401 (v0.5)NEW:ExtendedDialog, LoginDialog
    20150331 (v0.4)NEW:YesNoCancelDialog
    20150330 (v0.1)NEW:First Version

    Simple Example Information Dialog with localized OK Button Text
    Sub Process_Globals
    'Define the dialog using jrldialogsX
      Private Dlg As DialogsX
    End Sub
    Sub AppStart (Form1 As Form, Args() As String)
    'Init the dialog
    'Localize (optional)
      Dlg.OKButtonText = "Thank You"
    'Use the dialog to show Information Dialog
      Dlg.InformationDialog("About""jRLDialogX Information Dialog Example""Find more at www.rwblinn.de.")
    End Sub
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  2. rwblinn

    rwblinn Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Update 20150401 - Post #1 lists all the methods.
    NEW: YesNoCanceldialog
    NEW: Extendeddialog
    NEW: Logindialog
  3. rwblinn

    rwblinn Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Update 20150402 - Post #1 lists all the methods.
    NEW: LoginDialog2
    NEW: DidYouKnowDialog
    NEW: ExceptionDialog
    NEW: MessageDialog
    NEW: MessageHTMLDialog
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  4. rwblinn

    rwblinn Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Update 20150403 - Post #1 lists all the methods.
    NEW: ListDialog
    NEW: ListDialog2
  5. rwblinn

    rwblinn Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Update 20150404 - Post #1 lists all the methods.
    NEW: SelectDialog
    FIX: ListDialog, ListDialog2 removed expand option
  6. rwblinn

    rwblinn Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Update 20150405 - Post #1 lists all the methods.
    NEW: TextInputDialog2
    NEW: DatePickerDialog
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  7. rwblinn

    rwblinn Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Update 20150406 - Post #1 lists all the methods.
  8. Phayao

    Phayao Member Licensed User

    That looks very nice but I got the following error during compilation:

    B4J version 2.80
    Parsing code. 0.10
    Compiling code. 0.22
    Compiling debugger engine code. 4.31
    Compiling generated Java code. Error
    javac 1.8.0_25
    src\b4j\example\dialogs8.java:13: error: package javafx.scene.control.Alert does not exist
    import javafx.scene.control.Alert.AlertType;
    Note: src\b4j\example\dialogs8.java uses unchecked or unsafe operations.
    Note: Recompile with -Xlint:unchecked for details.
    1 error
    Picked up _JAVA_OPTIONS: -Xms256m -Xmx512m

    Any idea what's wrong here ?
    Thanks in advance,
  9. rwblinn

    rwblinn Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Hi Chris,

    thanks for testing.

    To compile this library you need at least Java 1.8.0_40 version as mentioned in the thread.
    Your version is 1.8.0_25 as shown in the error message. Pls check again after upgrading.

    Good Luck
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  10. specci48

    specci48 Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Hi rwblinn,

    a small wish for the TextInputDialog:

    If I close the dialog (via 'X') or I press Cancel, the dialog always returns a blank string "".
    So I can't make out, if the user aborted the input or really entered 'nothing'.

    Is it possible to return 'Null' if the user used Cancel or the close function (via 'X')?
    I want to show an error message only when the user really enters 'nothing' and not wehan he aborted the input.

    Maybe you can add a TextInputDialog3 or something like that so the current users of this great lib don't have to change anything in their current programs.

    Thanks in advance,
  11. rwblinn

    rwblinn Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Update 20150512 - Post #1 lists all the methods.
    NEW: TextInputDialog3 - handle user cancel by returning null
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  12. rwblinn

    rwblinn Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Hi specci48,

    thanks for your request and the flowers :).
    Pls find update of the library in Post #1. Let me know if this suits your requirement.
    Created using B4J 3.0 beta 5.
  13. specci48

    specci48 Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Hi rwblinn,

    sorry for the delay of my answer.
    TextInputDialog3 works really fine for me. :cool:
    Thank you very much.

    Some small hint to all who want to use this:
    Dim a As String = Null
    If a = Null Then
    Log("This doesn't work...")
    End If
    If a.EqualsIgnoreCase(NullThen
    Log("This works fine!")
    End If
    So you have to use EqualsIgnoreCase instead of = to test for the result of the dialog.

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  14. Mashiane

    Mashiane Expert Licensed User

    Hi, how does one put a border around the dialogs? mine does not show a border, thus cannot be differentiated clearly from my UI? Can you please advise?
  15. rwblinn

    rwblinn Well-Known Member Licensed User


    this library makes use of the standard JavaFX dialogs Alert etc.. I have not found a way (yet) to change the standard bordercolors of these dialogs.

    Thanks for bringing up.
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  16. Douglas Farias

    Douglas Farias Expert Licensed User

    hace a chance to add on this lib the toastmsgshow like android?
    show only a pop up mensage for x seconds and close automatic.

    i dont know if this exist native.
  17. rwblinn

    rwblinn Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Update 20150828 - Post #1 lists all the methods.
    NEW: ToastMessageDialog

    Usage - The message can contain HTML Tags (but is optional).
    Sub Process_Globals
    Private Dlg As Dialogs8
    End Sub

    Sub AppStart (Form1 As Form, Args() As String)
        MainForm = Form1
    "<html><h1>Welcome</h1>Many Thanks for using jRLDialogs8</html>"3000)
    End Sub
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  18. rwblinn

    rwblinn Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Hi Douglas,

    have added a ToastMessage - see Post#1 and #17.

    An example is included in the zip file - Example3.
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  19. Douglas Farias

    Douglas Farias Expert Licensed User

    lol fast :eek:
    many thx man, very nice work :)
  20. Suntzu

    Suntzu Member Licensed User

    Hi rwblinn,

    Thank you for this amazing library!

    Is it possible to set and/or add the parent form or the dialog's X and Y location? I have three monitors. I run the main form on the 2nd monitor but the dialogs appear on the 1st or main screen. Is there a workaround for this?

    Thank you in advance.
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