B4J Question jtelegrambot lib "date" problem


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in jtelegrambot lib
the "message.date" and "replymessage.date" have a problem

message.date return int value
but the int has limit it should long or string

for example :
Log("Date:" & message.Date) //int
Log("system:"&DateTime.Now) //long

result :
Date:1565595517 (this is mistake)
system:1565595522768 (this is correct)


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1565595517 <- Seconds
1565595522768 <- Ticks
you mean that i should convert seconds to ticks ??
how ?? plz give me a sample
I think what DonManfred meant to write - and given his usual aversion to ambiguity, I was surprised that he didn't - was:

1565595517 <- Seconds
1565595522768 <- Milliseconds

Date and time values are stored as ticks. Ticks are the number of milliseconds since January 1, 1970 00:00:00 UTC

Within the B4X universe (possibly excluding B4R) ticks == milliseconds.