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  1. peacemaker

    peacemaker Well-Known Member Licensed User

    HI, All

    If you need something very much - it's better to make it yourself :) and adjust as you like.
    Here is an image slider class, horizontal:
    • slide to left to the next image
    • slide to the right to the prev image
    • position status label
    • images from Internet are possible, thanks to the new resumable subs !
    • B4A v.7+
    • OkHTTPUtils2
    The code class is included into the sample project.
    Respect to klaus !

    The new updated class versions are welcome in this topic.

    UPDATE: v.0.5:
    * DotsColor as Int 'color of status dots under the slider
    * ShowDots as Boolean 'show dots or not
    * CurrentSlide As Int 'open slider at the needed slide, or get the current position

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  2. Andrew (Digitwell)

    Andrew (Digitwell) Active Member Licensed User

    Hi peacemaker,
    I have added an extra public function which allows you to specify credentials when requesting a download and also optionally center the image.

    Public Sub AddSlidewithCredentials (Name As String, URL As String, username As String, password As String,center As Boolean)
    Dim a As Slide
       a.Name = Name
       a.URI = URL
    Dim p As Panel
    00, mBase.Width, mBase.Height)
       a.pnl = p
       a.pnl.Tag = lstSlides.Size   
    'record id for reference
       DownloadImagewithCredentials(URL, p,username,password,center)
    End Sub

    Sub DownloadImagewithCredentials(Link As String, pnl As Panel,username As String ,password As String,center As Boolean)
    Dim j As HttpJob
    "", Me)
       j.Username = username
       j.Password = password
    Wait For (j) JobDone(j As HttpJob)
    If j.Success Then
    If center Then
    End If
    End If
    End Sub

    Sub FitCenterBitmapPanel(p As Panel,bmp As Bitmap,col As Int)
    Private cvs As Canvas

    Dim rectDest As Rect
    Dim delta As Int

    If bmp.Width / bmp.Height > p.Width / p.Height Then
         delta = (p.Height - bmp.Height / bmp.Width * p.Width) / 
    0, delta,p.Width, p.Height - delta)
         delta = (p.Width - bmp.Width / bmp.Height * p.Height) / 
    0, p.Width - delta, p.Height)
    End If
    Null, rectDest)

    End Sub
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  3. Andrew (Digitwell)

    Andrew (Digitwell) Active Member Licensed User

    Hi Peacemaker,
    I've updated the class to work for both B4A and B4i.

    I also added a couple of extra properties:
    DotColor which sets the colour of the dots. White dots don't always work for some images.
    PanelBackground - If you center an image then this will set the colour of the rest of the panel.


    Edit: Added screenshot

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  4. peacemaker

    peacemaker Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Thanks for updates !
    For the status label - i used such code:
    Public Sub DesignerCreateView (Base As Panel, lbl As Label, Props As Map)
    lblStatus.Color = 
    End Sub
  5. peacemaker

    peacemaker Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Seems, the class works OK - if it's placed static. But if to place it into a ScrollView- it's a trouble: pnlSlide_Touch event is stopped to fire when vertical scroll is additionally occured, and the horizontally slidind picture panel is stopped. How can it be solved ?
  6. Andrew (Digitwell)

    Andrew (Digitwell) Active Member Licensed User

    Can you upload an example?
  7. peacemaker

    peacemaker Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Here attached.

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  8. Andrew (Digitwell)

    Andrew (Digitwell) Active Member Licensed User

    Ok here is what I found,
    It looks like the ScrollView Panel is not passing the TOUCH_UP event on.

    I have modified the sample program with a bit of logging and a conditional compilation.

    Compile as default ( No scrollview) and you will see the TOUCH_UP events being captured by the JustImgSlider code.

    Compile as scrollme, where the JustImgSliders are within a scroll view, and the TOUCH_UP events are not fired.

    Can anyone else care to comment. Is this a known problem with ScrollViews ?

    I'll try it with B4I a little later.


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  9. peacemaker

    peacemaker Well-Known Member Licensed User

    It's well known situation: the scrolling container catchs the _touch events of the scrolling child.
    Seems, the parent _touch should be blocked within _touch event of the child view. But no idea how.
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  10. peacemaker

    peacemaker Well-Known Member Licensed User

    v.0.5 uploaded.
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  11. yaniv hanya

    yaniv hanya Active Member Licensed User

    I have a few questions:
    1. I need a tool to display folders of images . the slider looks very good but as far as I understand it keeps all the images in memory all the time. Can't make a memory problem if there are a large number of pictures?
    2. I intend to check if it is a movie file and if so add an exoPlayer to the panel instead of a bitmap. And if I have a lot of movies in the library it's not a problem to create a lot of instances for the player.

    If you have an idea for a more suitable tool. I would love to get one.
  12. peacemaker

    peacemaker Well-Known Member Licensed User

    1. Yes, now each adding image is loaded to memory at once. But each slide has URI field: try to change the class and load the added image only, removing the current image. I guess, it may need to make it smooth.

    2.Seems, here the same - it needs to make dynamic control of the player and video file: just a player instead of a panel for image.

    Anyway, class remaking is needed, try.
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