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Discussion in 'Questions (Windows Mobile)' started by RB Smissaert, Jan 6, 2009.

  1. RB Smissaert

    RB Smissaert Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Is it possible to do a table sort and keep the currently selected row selected?
    I know I could do that by putting the cells of that row in a variable and then after the sort loop through the table, find that row and select it, but that would be too slow.

  2. RB Smissaert

    RB Smissaert Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Actually performance is not bad when I do code like this:

    Before the sort:

    Sub MarkPreSortRow(lRow)

    Table1.AddCol(cNumber, "MarkPreSortRow", 0, False)
    Table1.Cell("MarkPreSortRow", lRow) = 1

    End Sub

    And after the sort:

    Sub SelectPreSortTableRow(strColumnName)

    Dim i

    For i = 0 To Table1.RowCount - 1
    If Table1.Cell("MarkPreSortRow", i) = 1 Then
    Table1.SelectCell(strColumnName, i)
    End If
    Next i

    End Sub

    And I take it there is nothing better than this.

  3. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    If your table includes a unique key you can just save this key and search for it after resorting.
    It is almost always a good idea to have a unique key for each row.
  4. RB Smissaert

    RB Smissaert Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Good point. Some of the tables indeed have a unique key and in that case I could maybe save a bit of time by not adding the extra column.
    To add the unique key if I don't otherwise need it won't probably be worth it.

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