Share My Creation Keil uVision Map Viewer


For those who do a bit of embedded and use Keil uVision 5, I have written a small utility called Keil Map Viewer.

This app reads the selected uVision map file - *.m in the Listings directory, scans the file for memory regions then displays them in a custom list view.


It produces output similar to the STM32CubeIDE Build Analyzer.

Once you have selected the map file you can refresh the output bu pushing the refresh button.

It is work in progress. I hope to add another tab with a tree of the memory objects under each region, again same as STM32CubeIDE.

At some stage I will add the input map filename as an argument so the app can be bolted into Keil uVision as an addon.

It has a few wrinkles:

- It uses sqlite databases to store the recent files list and the map extraction without any vacuuming of the data bases so they will grow over time. If they get to big download sqLite Studio and manually vacuum them.

Hope someone finds this useful.

It builds as a package OK.

Regards Rob