B4A Library LabelExtras - advanced click handling


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Hi! Thanks for this library, it's very useful.

I could use some simple HTML tags and Works fine. Is it possible to use "Font size"?

Thanks in advance
Juan Pablo


That second links suggest yes, the blog article is dated 2010 so not guaranteed to be up to date though.

Kwame Twum

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Look up to post #61, only a subset of HTML tags are supported.
Unrecognised tags may or may not be displayed as plain text - this looks to be part of your problem.

The other problem may be that your HTML is not 100% valid - mismatched and/or incomplete tags may be displayed as plain text.
Validate your HTML: https://validator.w3.org
Thanks a lot @warwound for the reply
I made no modifications to tags from the project I downloaded from your post... all I did was to edit the image names and add the respective image files to the Files tab... and compiled.

:) However, I commented out the entire TagHandler_HandleTag block and it works just fine!


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Hi @warwound

I have a question.

I am using Labels extra for displaying a training questionnaire, the student reads the text and then selects one of the options at the bottom. Great works as expected.

However the questions asked tend to be quite long and the reader has to scroll the text in the label, that too works great.

My problem is… That when I load the next question the scroll position remains where is was and does not reset back to the top.

I have to scroll it back to the top myself then read the question, scroll down again and tap the required answer.

Is there a way to reset the scroll position?



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Can i custom selection in labelextra example Edittext?
I want to use can select part of text with drag


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Nice library....
is possible get event when touch a non UrlSPAN,

or .... get event long click ???