Android Question Large download from php site


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I download from a php script data.
When its much data

Sub JobDone (job As HttpJob)

Res = job.GetString

returns empty string.

How I can download "type of streaming" for large data download.



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Hi, I will describe a little better what I am doing :

I use download2 to get a list of coordinates, like : get_coord.php?track=TRACK2015-04-08T12:08:03
It returns with echo (in a loop) a list of coordinates, like
lati;longi#lati2;long2#lati3;longi3#.............and so on.

Size : 8134 bytes
Res = job.GetString
seems empty.

(It works with a small return , 2100 bytes)

So 8k is not much, what is wrong.


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Is that correct that the php will return all entries in ONE outputline?
Did you have control over the php-file?
maybe you want to show the php-code of this file (without databasecredentials if they are inside the php... Put XXX there

PS: Vielleicht sollten wir einfach im deutschen forumsteil weiterreden. scheint ja ne deutsche Firma zu sein ;) In deutsch könnte es einfacher sein.


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Ich habe den Fehler gefunden. So etwas blödes. Dumm Dumm, arrrrr

(Find the error)
In a spinner view I load all Tracknames via php script.

So only the first trackname, here TRACKX has in front a space, coming from the php script.
So in the next Job where I get the trackpoints he looks for " TRACKX" insteed of "TRACKX"
and dont find nothing returns an empty result.

Sorry .... Danke trotzdem. Thanks a lot.