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Hi Erel,

I started using the B4i beta yesterday and I am deeply impressed by your new product!
So far, everything worked fine and simple as always.

I know it's a beta and many functions/libraries will follow, but here is my "wish list" ;)

1.) It would be great to have ToastMessage either directly in B4i or as library.
This link might help?

2.) iOS versions of these B4A libraries:

3.) Access to the barcode scanner included in iOS7/8
This link might help?

Thanks so much for another great development tool!
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Here is my "Wish List" (some of these might be possible already but not sure how)

I know B4i is only in Beta at this stage but hopefully some of these ideas ("Wishes") might make it to the top of the list and will be one of the first library's created.

1. A way in creating a settings page like shown here:

2. SSL Socket Library
3. Send a Push Notification from a PHP script and receive the notification on the iOS device
4. Download a XML file from a website and phrase the file
5. Bottom Navigation menu that will allow you to hold the icon down for xx amount of seconds allowing you to then change the icon. (not sure what they call this in iOS). Example below:


6. Custom message box like:

7. In-App Purchases
8. URL Scheme to open the app from another app.

The above are some of my "Wish" items I like to see in B4i.
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