Other Licence Lib Crash


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I released a new update for my app, and all of a sudden (like a day after it was released on Google Play) I copped a heap of emails from people saying my app stopped ever since the update.

Crap, what did I do in my last update that caused the app to stop.

Well, I am using the license lib in my app, which will check Google Play to see if they hold a valid license or not.

Well it seems Google had updated there Google Play and caused a bug to happen which didn't return a valid reply from there sever which made the app hang.

I copped quite a lot of unhappy customers, plus a heap of negative feedback on Google Play for my app since it was hanging due to Google's bug.

Well, I thought it was just me having an issue with the licensing lib. Seems the issue is effecting everyone's apps that use the license lib.

Thought I would post this in case you too have an issue with the license lib. Seems that Google has now fixed it, but I guess it will take a few days before everyone gets the update pushed to there devices during the stage rollout.

Just so happen to find this now: