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Hey guys,

I have a few questions about lists.

1. What the maximum number of items (int values) a list can support.
2. To sort a big big big list, what's the best method/algorithm? Bubble sort? Quick sort?
3. Is it feasible to import 8 megabytes of data to a list and sort it?
4. Am I asking silly questions and should I just learn how to "database", mySQL and such? :D
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It could be, for example CSV values.
Username, Score, Endurance Time.
user000001, 12, 8329
user000002, 17, 12329
user000003,  8, 3593
user999998,  5, 589
user999999, 12, 10384
Sort by highest score. Endurance time as a tie-breaker.
If the score is the same, the highest ranked user is the one with the highest endurance time.

Anyway, I'm starting to realize I really have to take the "database-on-a-server" path.
My initial idea was to have my game downloading the entire scoreboard, updating it, sorting it, displaying it and re-uploading it using lists.
This could be fine for a few dozen users, but if I ever reach thousands, I guess this system would break.


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Db estructure permits great flexibility: Sorting By highscore and endurance time is very quick and easy with SQL (sqlite or MySQL)


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While we're on this subject, what is the preferred database? I recently installed MySQL, but only yesterday I read this post MySQL Library about licensing when using a JDBC driver. Does this rule out using MySQL in any Apps we intend to sell? I've not looked properly into it yet but would appreciate a simple answer.