B4J Code Snippet Locale aware Double to String conversion with minimum and maximum decimal control

As per request by @moore_it, this code snippet is a slight modification of a locale aware Double to String method I posted here: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/solved-setting-a-decimal-separator.105981/#post-663491. The only change I made is that this version allows control over the minimum and maximum number of decimal places to display.

Sub DisplayDouble2(language As String, region As String, number As Double, minDecimals As Int, maxDecimals As Int) As String
   Dim jo As JavaObject
   jo = jo.InitializeNewInstance("java.util.Locale.Builder", Null)
   Dim locale As JavaObject = jo.RunMethodJO("setLanguage", Array As Object(language)).RunMethodJO("setRegion", Array As Object(region)).RunMethod("build", Null)
   Dim numberFormatter As JavaObject = jo.InitializeStatic("java.text.NumberFormat").RunMethod("getNumberInstance", Array As Object(locale))
   numberFormatter.RunMethod("setMinimumFractionDigits", Array As Object (minDecimals))
   numberFormatter.RunMethod("setMaximumFractionDigits", Array As Object (maxDecimals))
   Dim retVal As String = numberFormatter.RunMethod("format", Array As Object(number))
   Return retVal
End Sub