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Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by carloz, Jul 4, 2015.

  1. carloz

    carloz Member Licensed User

    hello everyone,

    I have been using b4a for the past 3 years now..and its a pleasure to develop using it.. Erel keeps amazing us with the new updates!!!

    I have used the location manager library for a app developed for a client, it gets location_changed event from a background service(no gps), checks if the distance between previous lat long and new coordinates is larger than 100 meters and posts the location to a mysql database..

    so far so good...

    one particular user, operates in nigeria .. his location shows him to be in nigeria most of the time, but for random times in a day, his coordinates show he is in "Columbia"..!!!

    i checked the lat longs posted to the mysql table and indeed, they show columbia on google maps too...
    so for 10.30 am he is in nigeria -- at 10.33 am he is in columbia!!!

    atleast 200 users use this app daily , this is the only guy facing this problem.. his other coordinates throughout the day are perfect..

    can someone think of a reason why this could be happening?

  2. fixit30

    fixit30 Active Member Licensed User

    +1 I have seen this. However I believe that when you are requesting network location you are relying on the correct location being returned from the network rather than an accurate GPS fix.
  3. carloz

    carloz Member Licensed User

    hi fixit30,

    I do not have the option of using gps unfortunately... most of the time users are in cars/buses or indoors in basement shops. the only guarantee i have is that they have network.

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