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Good morning,

I'm having a kind of "hard time" to get my location in my app.
The problem is that when the app starts, it tryes to find the location via GPS. But this might work or not, as you know. And can take some time.
How to deal with it?
Is there a good script to deal with this?
I've tryed AbWifi, but I'm having problems with the cache... :(

Kind regards,


Mark Read

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I have had similar problems with GPS, aside from battery drain. It won't work inside at all and sometimes not well in a car - line of sight seems to be an issue. Using wifi, I have had good results and can get a fix quickly within 20m. Also what works well for me is using GSM triangulation, 50m is a good fix. On my canoe tour I am going to try only GSM to save battery. Will report my success later.
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