B4J Question Looking for advice on B4J Kiosk app

Kevin Hartin

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Hi all,

I have to develop a kiosk app to run on a self serve Kiosk that has credit card reader, cash handler and a receipt printer.

I have looked at various platforms that have either a PC or Android hardware base.

The question is what do you think is the best approach using B4X?
  1. B4J delevopment to run on Windows Embedded???
  2. B4J to run on a Linux distro
  3. B4A to run on an embedded Android platform
My initial thoughts were to go Android, but I am thinking that the PC based harware may be more stable, powerful and flexible. Interfacing to Printer and Cash handler may be easier on the PC platform too.

The Kiosk app will be a custom app that basically emulates our web based portal, takes bookings and issues receipts after processing online payments.

Any advice or insights are much appreciated.



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Hi kevin. Both b4j and b4a will do.

The main reason to chose one or the other will be the devices you are going to work with.

Sometimes they offer android sdk and others they provide java sdk. Just be aware of what did they give you, most of the time they are not compatible.
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