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Hello and good day to all contributers and developers in this really good forum.
My English is not perfect...ok :)

I'm not new here, but have nevertheless decided to now to obtain a license from Basic4Android.
The program is fun .. !!

Now to my problem!

I have a diary written in the one store, among other things, also the generated "date string" and send as e-mail simultaneously to the company can, so that all have the same status.

Here is a code snippet:

emailuser = Edittext2.text
emailpass = Edittext1.text

SMTP.Initialize("", 465, emailuser, emailpass, "SMTP")
SMTP.UseSSL = True

' --- Abfrage ob Mail gesendet werden soll --------------------------

Dim result As Int

result = Msgbox2("Die Mail mit den Termindaten jetzt senden?", "Mail","Ja","","Nein",Null)

If result = DialogResponse.POSITIVE Then

'--- Daten zusammenstellen ------------------------------------------

termindata = " Termintag: " & neuer.edit3 & " - Terminzeit: " & uhr1.clock1 & " - Terminbeschreibung: " & neuer.edit4 & " - Vorwarnung auf PC: " & neuer.spinn1 & " - Vorwarnzeit: " & uhr2.clock2

' --- Mail absenden ---------------------------------------------

SMTP.Subject = "Neuer Termin"
SMTP.Body = "Neuer Termin für V-Planer! --> " & termindata

ToastMessageShow ("...bitte einen Moment Geduld", True)

End If

On my HTC One M8 also works without hesitation! In the "Target phone" said brand spanking new HTC One Mini 2 and is equipped gmail address it does not work!
've Read here ... read maaaaaany and have the security settings (SSL port 465 even with StartTLS, and port 587) tried, no change ... only not send mail ... and once in a while ... messages from Google that someone wanted to access the account ... etc.

So I hope you can help me and please kindly to suggestions.
Thanks in advance ... oh yes Internet on the mobile phone is on! - Gmail account is set to IMAP! Could it perhaps be due to the Android version ...? I think the phone has the 4.4.2

Regards Sven


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Hi Erel.

Thanks for your answer.
I've read a lot, in other Android forums, but I also try the smtp settings are not displayed to me on a cellphone.
If you know the way how to display the SMTP settings on the HTC I would appreciate a brief tutorial.
In the normal account settings at port and server are not displayed.

Thanks and Regards Sven
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