Android Question MarqueeText - Turn Off

Robert Valentino

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I use the below code to Turn on Marquee Text

Public Sub MarqueeText(DisplayField As Object, LimitTo As Int)
    Dim Ref As Reflector

    Ref.Target = DisplayField

    Ref.RunMethod2("setLines", 1, "")
    Ref.RunMethod2("setHorizontallyScrolling", True, "java.lang.boolean")

    Ref.RunMethod2("setEllipsize", "MARQUEE", "android.text.TextUtils$TruncateAt")
    Ref.RunMethod2("setSelected", True, "java.lang.boolean")

    If LimitTo == 0 Then
       LimitTo = -1
    End If

    Ref.RunMethod2("setMarqueeRepeatLimit", LimitTo, "")
End Sub

If the User resizes the field (where MarqueeText is no longer needed) how do I turn off MarqueeText

OR on the other side if the field is large enough to not need MarqueeText and the field is resized smaller and it needs MarqueeText

I do not seem to be able to flip it on and off once the field has text in it.

Any ideas how to reset it.