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This thread is about the beta phase of my newest wrap. It is a wrap for this Github project: Material Drawer by Mike Penz

At present the library is based on Version 5.8.1 of the Github project

The Library and download can be found HERE

Mike Penz (Github) / DonManfred (wrapper)
Version: 0.9 beta

this contains the (most probably a bit chaotic) code for the example i build so far.
So i just tried out how work this, and this and the code came up chaotic....
I´m sure more examples will follow in future. Maybe made from one of the beatestes? (grins)
this zip contains the folder "resource"
copy this folder to your Project or maybe to your additional libraries folder.
you need to adapt the #additionalres directive to match your folder and
Copy all files to your additional libs folder
Contains all needed AAR files. Copy them all to your additional libs folder

The library depends on some other JARs from the google Maven repository.

Post any questions regarding this librarywrap in this Thread please.

Note that this library wrap is in development and subject to be changed before releasing the library.

The example at present state shows all i have tried so far.
Some features are not tested at all.
Some features does not work as yet. The profile and everything about the profileheaderdraweritem for example.

The Library and download can be found HERE
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1. The Library is no longer maintained as i lost the source due to a HDD Crash.
2. You should ALWAYS create a NEW Thread in the Questionsforum instead of posting to OLD Threads!
3. I dont know which is the needed B4A Version.
4. I Suggest to use AppCompat and the Drawer from DesignSupport instead this one.
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