Wish Message longer than Log limit (4000)


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hi why we should have a limit when our log message's lenght is too long?
"Message longer than Log limit (4000). Message was truncated"
this can be very usefule if we can see all log message on right windows
for example when we download a web site and get the source of html by using job.GetString then i want to see all of that on log windows
or atleast add a temporary txt file inside each project for store last log messages
thanx @Erel


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You can do what ever you want with the file that is downloaded, you are just restricted when using Log to display the result in the log window. When I have had this problem whilst testing a UPNP browser app I chose which bit of the recieved text I wanted to display in the log.


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yes we can do every thing we want.
but this is just a wish