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Greetings My clever friends.

I have figured out how to use the Mid fare 1k to read and write in its sectors. I have seen several examples where Liberia Nfc v.2.01 is used, which is the only one that I think uses midfare. Apezar, I want to follow the advice of my colleagues, I see that an error persists in the following line
Dim mfc As MiFare
where it says it can't find that function or a library is missing.

Someone who has managed to use the NFC lib with midFare would be grateful to me to develop this project. Thanks


Error look

and libs used


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that library v2.X doesn't work with Milfare 1K

if I'm not wrong B4A/B4I haven't added full support to Milfare 1K yet

if you need like me for an specific Android version or App use NFC v1.25 check this link:

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My friend

1 What I need is to be able to change the factory key A/B , or use the one that comes by default. I need a function for that also

2 Then I need to handle the blokes and sectors
Each block has 4 sectors in such a way that I occupy the reading and writing of each sector as well as its conversion from dec to hex and vice versa.


block 0
Sector 0
Sector 1
Sector 2
Sector 3

Block 1
Sector 4
Sector 5
Sector 6
Sector 7

you have to block certain blocks like 0, 3,7,11,15,21 ect that is not used and cannot be touched
as well as it could be a function that reads

Bloc = 0
Sect = 1

string1 = read (bloc, sect)

String2 = write (notepad, sect)

the blocks come in hexa so you have to convert them to dec and also in writing convert to hexa

Also read the card number returning the code 00 - 00 - 00 -00 in this format
This is for a device with ANDROID 7 that handles midfare classic

It is also necessary to control the acticolision function for that of putting more than one card near the reader, another would also have to control the false approach when you put and remove the card in itself giving time to read or write.

I appreciate your interest and what would be the price, thank you for answering
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Delivers wrapper and or libraries in addition to some documentation, libraries or wrappers without source code are not accepted.
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