Java Question Adding new functionalities and tags decoding to NFC library

Discussion in 'Libraries developers questions' started by Sherlock, Mar 14, 2012.

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  1. Rafal Galewski

    Rafal Galewski Member Licensed User

    Good JOB

    Thank You for Good Job.

    I can Help You in this topic:

    "I don't know how to put the "filter_nfc.xml" under "res/xml" directory."

    You should go to Yor project folder then Objects\res\xml

    And please create nfc_tech_filter.xml

    But You have to change files setings to read-only

    I would be waiting for posibilites create own key A and B and use it to format Mifare card to all sector.
    And also writing data to choose sectores.
  2. Rafal Galewski

    Rafal Galewski Member Licensed User

    When I try open sample project I have error missing 2 files:

    If You could please shere it.

    Thank You :sign0098:
  3. Rafal Galewski

    Rafal Galewski Member Licensed User

    If You could in future please add to this library method Save data in sector with key.
    Becouse nowe we can only read data from sector.
    But we can't save data in sectores.

    Thank You
  4. jjcc

    jjcc Member Licensed User

    Sorry for the error and delay. It was in rush because I was busy on other project.

    I've updated the code. Meanwhile, fixed a couple of bugs in Lib.

    Attached Files:

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  5. Rafal Galewski

    Rafal Galewski Member Licensed User

    NFC and sleep telephone

    Standard NFC create intent only when we have telephone active ( no sleep).

    But Can I sleep off when I put NFC TAG on my phone ?

    I put a NFC TAG and telephone execute sleep off and start unblock procedure.

    Pass PIN for example.

    This can be realisase ?

    maybe someone has an idea how to implement?
  6. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    Please do not post duplicate questions.
  7. Rafal Galewski

    Rafal Galewski Member Licensed User

    I search good place to add post.
  8. walterf25

    walterf25 Well-Known Member Licensed User

    NFC Help

    Hello, i've tried this library and it seems like there's something missing, I copied both files .xml and .jar to my additional libraries folder, but when I open the example and try to run it i get an error, it seems as there's still missing a file.

    the problem is at this line

    Dim mfc As MiFare
    that line remains in color red, which means that there's no library associated with MiFare, what am I missing?

  9. jjcc

    jjcc Member Licensed User

    I think you have both versions and B4A was confused. B4A might search lib files in its standard location first.

    To fix this, you can verify the NFC version in the "Libs" tab at the right side of IDE. If it's 1.00, then move the NFC.xml and NFC.jar in the standard lib location (i.e. "your location\Basic4Android\Libraries\").

    Good luck!
  10. StevieDk

    StevieDk Member Licensed User

    NFC lib works wonderfull, thanks all for your work. I will need to write on a MIFARE tag, as far as i know, that feature is not implemented yet.
    I will like to help on it, so we can all have the utility. I am farely new on this blog, so i am not use on where / how to access java code of the lib so i can continue ( or try to) your excellent work.

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  11. vampirbcn

    vampirbcn Active Member Licensed User

    Thanks, it works perfect in LG-P760 smartphone
  12. raphaelcno

    raphaelcno Active Member Licensed User

    The ZIP file is called NFC2.22, but the version in the XML file is 1.22.
  13. sdujolo

    sdujolo Member Licensed User

  14. jjcc

    jjcc Member Licensed User

    Yes. It was a typo. 1.22 is the correct version number.
  15. jjcc

    jjcc Member Licensed User

    Thanks Steve.

    I have no problem to share the source code. If Erel agrees I can put the code into the Github. Most of the code belongs to Erel I think.
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  16. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    You can upload it.
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  17. StevieDk

    StevieDk Member Licensed User

    Thanks Both, Erel and jjcc, i will try to do as good job as you did with the lib.
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  18. jjcc

    jjcc Member Licensed User

    I'll upload the source code later after I clean up some mess.

    For now I have a new version with limited NfcV functions. A demo is attached to show how to use the NfcV functions. Only read no write for now.

    I've tested a ISO 15693 tag(ICODE SLI/NXP SL2 ICS2001). It works fine.

    Attached Files:

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  19. Chelu

    Chelu Member Licensed User

    I have read many post about NFC.
    Before wasting more time I would like to know if this library can do the following:
    I want my phone it acts backup my RFID card.
    I mean, no need to write, but I need a NFC reader detects my phone as my card
    If this were possible, I wonder too if a trigger event or intent to make reading on my phone that could capture.

    Thank you very much.
  20. jjcc

    jjcc Member Licensed User

    The function you want is card simulation as opposed to reader which is a quite new function. I believe Android 4.4 supports the function.

    The current lib can not meet your requirement.
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