iOS Question Missing one pixel with AutoscaleAll


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I am converting a B4A to B4i it's going well but i noticed something,when I turn
my iphone 5 every time the webview view becomes smaller,when i out command
autoscaleAll its ok.

So I tested it with a simple test a webview and a button ,it seems
the first time ,one pixel is missing right ,so when turn 2 pixels and so one.
Can someone explain me the theory for this behaviour.?
See the picture.

The designer code :

'All variants script
AutoScaleAll 'uncomment to scale all views based on the device physical size.
WebView1.SetLeftAndRight(0, 100%x)
WebView1.SetTopAndBottom(0, 100%y)

320 x 568 screen is used scale 1 160dpi ,handle resize event is checked.


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