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Discussion in 'Share Your Creations' started by Powie, Dec 29, 2013.

  1. Powie

    Powie Member Licensed User

    We are very proud about the success with B4A and the android app to our Model Airfields Database project:
    The special thing on our airfields data is that most of the places are located away from streets and numbers. So we have other ways of geocoding :)
    Our App uses the network location service to show all nearby located model airfields. Users can post notes to airfields, report a new one, set places as favorites.....
    Our first project with B4A..... shows that B4A is very great!

    ss1.jpg madb-system.jpg
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  2. NJDude

    NJDude Expert Licensed User

    Very cool, I never knew I had some many airfields around in my area.

    Just a few things:

    1- You have some misspellings, the word is FAVORITE and FAVORITES, you have to correct them HERE and HERE.

    2- Add a title or a prompt to the FIND NAME screen, that screen looks a little lonely, see HERE.

    3- The POST A NOTE screen, add a prompt or something that will indicate at least the minimum characters to be typed, as it is now, it gives the impression that feature doesn't work.

    4- How do I delete favorites?, also, if I tap on favorites and I don't have any I get a toast in German see HERE, it should be better if you displayed a MsgBox.

    5- Make the app exit from the MAIN screen, as it is now, I can press the BACK key from anywhere and exit the app, also, add a "Are you sure you want to exit?" prompt.

    6- The app should always start showing the splash screen, right now it is not doing it because the reason above, it only works that way if you tap on END APP on the menu.

    7- Add a little eye candy, it will make your app more attractive and interesting.

    Overall, a very nice app, keep up the good work.
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  3. Powie

    Powie Member Licensed User

    Many thx to your precise feedback. Have found the translation things in my language files and corrected it, also the wrong german strings...

    7- I'm testing some stuff to add more eye candy to the app, like a sidebar and other things... lets see :)

    4 - Favorites can be deleted also in the airfield view where it will be starred :)

    5 / 6 - works how I would handle that. maybe the other way is more clear...
  4. rboeck

    rboeck Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Hi Powie,

    i have tried your app and found out, that your share function, which allows to share an position, is working with NCF Tagwriter. My own app tries to use the same functionality, it works with many apps, but the nfc 'Tagwriter' app is starting and then ended, when i choose 'write tag'. Your app is working correctly!
    I try to share a vcard file; you share a position.
    Can you make a look at my code, to see what i am making wrong? In Log Viewer i see only PembacalLogTask : Stop!

    Here few lines of the relevant code:
    Dim r As Reflector
    Dim f As Object
        f = r.CreateObject2(
    ""Array As Object(Fn), Array As String("java.lang.String"))
    Dim share As Intent
    "android.intent.extra.STREAM", r.RunStaticMethod("""fromFile"Array As Object(f), Array As String("")))
    "Adressdaten senden")
    Thanks to germany!
  5. Powie

    Powie Member Licensed User

    Hi rboeck,

    the code for sharing is very simple at my app....

    Sub btShare_Click
        Dim i As Intent
    Dim T As String
        T = lblName.Text & 
    " - " & madb.MADBLink & afID
    "android.intent.extra.TEXT", T)
    End Sub
  6. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

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  7. Powie

    Powie Member Licensed User

  8. Powie

    Powie Member Licensed User

    Today we have reached a new milestone with our App, 10.000 downloads. Because of the special usage of our app in this hobby sector this is a unbelievable number....

    Many many thanks to many people in this community for every help we get here.....
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  9. Powie

    Powie Member Licensed User

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