B4R Library [Module] TascScheduler module

it is a basic task scheduler to manage multi-threading in B4R environment
This one is based on a loop to check conditions of each thread and to launch it with Callsubplus in asynchronous mode

multi-threating is based on a module TaskScheduler:
- In a loop, this module will launch each thread one by one depending of some criteria (Enable/Period/Watchdog)
- 15 threads are available in this module but it can be modified if more needed
- you can run only the number of threads needed
- this module is including GlobalStore version 2.00 to add storage
- data is saved in a global buffer with size set to 200. You can increase it if you face out of arrays exceptions.
- 15 variables are available to store data for each thread (one slot by thread, slot0 < slot14)
- each variable is an array of byte, you can store array or string

this module can provide statistics about multi_thread, we have 2 types of information:
* for scheduler:
- it provides period between 2 run of Scheduler : Min/Med/Max
- it provides time needed for a run of Scheduler : Min/Med/Max
* for each thread enabled:
- it provides period between 2 run of thread : Min/Med/Max
- it provides time needed for a run of thread : Min/Med/Max

* functions available:
- TaskScheduler.initialize(14) ' if 15 threads 0<14

- TaskScheduler.statStart ' to start statistic collection and printing every 15mn
- TaskScheduler.statStop ' to stop statistic collection and printing

* variables available:
- TaskScheduler.Task(i).Enabled = True ' <Boolean> to make active a thread after configuration (in AppStart)
- TaskScheduler.Task(i).Period = MyVar ' <Uint> to define period between thread running 2 times
- TaskScheduler.Task(i).Watchdog = Myvar ' <Uint> to define period maxi before activation of a thread
' will run the thread with Tag 255 in this case
- TaskScheduler.Task(i).Tag ' <Byte> Tag is parameter sent to thread at launch
' Several values of tag can be used to avoid Delay()
' 255 is used in case of Watchdog activation
- TaskScheduler.Put(slot as Int, Value() As Byte) ' to save an Array of Byte to slot (0<14 possible)
- MyArray = TaskScheduler.Slot0 ' to read an Array of Byte from Slot0 (Slot0 < Slot14 possible)

an example of project B4R with TaskScheduler module is included in Zip file


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