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MongoDB is one of the most popular NoSQL databases.
It is a nice and refreshing alternative to traditional relational databases (SQL databases).

Each represented entity is stored as a single document instead of being split into multiple tables.
Whether it will be better / simpler to use MongoDB compared to MySQL or a similar database server depends on the specific data.

Overall it is simple to start working with MongoDB and it is definitely a good tool to add to the toolbox.

At this point it is recommended to go over MongoDB manual: https://docs.mongodb.com/manual/introduction/

To start with MongoDB you need to:

1. Download and install: https://www.mongodb.com/download-center?jmp=docs
2. Create the default data folder (can be changed): c:\data\db
3. Run mongod from the command line.

In most cases you will use a three tier configuration where the clients access a B4J server and the B4J server communicates with the local MongoDB server.

I will post more examples next week. An example based on Alexa sites ranking data is available here:
The data is loaded from a CSV file and then analyzed with different kinds of queries.

The library is attached.
It depends on an additional jar: https://repo1.maven.org/maven2/org/mongodb/mongo-java-driver/3.12.11/mongo-java-driver-3.12.11.jar
Copy the library and the jars to the additional libraries folder.


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After testing this out with the remote connector, I can say that this looks way easier than MySQL. I love the fact that the commands are created in the clients.


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