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A KeyUp or change event would be usefull. Im writing a small app that must do instant calculations. im trying to finde a workaround for now.


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Sometimes the "key up/down" events are very useful.

"Key up" event can be very useful sometimes. Imagine the game Tetris. When you press down button and hold it (key down event occurs) the block begins to fall down faster until you release the "down" button and "key up" event occur - then the speed of block falling comes back to normal state.
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Slightly off topic, but....
Could we please have a list of events for each control within the device help file.
It could be an option along side the properties menu.

At present I determine what events are available by adding the control into the designer and then click events. But as I generally add and position controls in runtime I'd much rather just use the help file.