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Hi everybody,

I have to add a number of fields to a table if those fields do not already exist.
I have been playing around with IF NOT EXISTS, but I don't get it working.

Also, I have no idea how to intercept error messages from SQlite; then I could just ignore certain error codes, a.o the error if a field already exists.

With VB I have done quite complicated things with SQL; may be that the problem is that I try to do it in the same way.

Are there some SQLite experts among the forum members?



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I am definitely no SQLite expert either!

However a simple method could be - do a SELECT * on the table and open it with DataReader, then use FieldCount to test if the fields exist. Finally do ALTER TABLE with an ExecuteNonQuery, if needed.

Alternatively, if you need more column information, use ExecuteTable instead, then the Table control's ColCount and ColName properties.

Just a suggestion.